Never will you know meĀ 

Not living up to your expectations. Nothing but hate and disgust in your eyes when you have to bring yourself to look at me. I’m sorry i didn’t turn out the way you expected. I’m that fucking disappointment.. your disappointment. Living each day as a regret, a regret that i have not yet taken my life. So, here i stand in front of you, battered and betrayed. tell me how pathetic i am. Your taunting words a constant reminder of how worthless my existance is. A paining disease burrowing itself deep within my conscious , corrupting my once innocent thoughts..Never will you know me mother, nor the mental pain which you have inflicted upon me. A scared girl, shattered and broken. Hate and disgust being the only emotion to grace me. The scars haunting my dreams, the nightmares seemingly like paradise in comparison to my life. i’m sorry i didn’t turn out like you wished.