Sick,twisted games.

“You’ve exceeded my expectations,”   You say with a gleam in your eye,

                    “I thought you’d be BROKEN by now.”
Well, I guess this just means I’m

             |S|T|R|O|N|G|E|R| then you thought.
I may be young,

      But I’m not stupid,

                & I may be scarred,

                   But that doesn’t mean I’m weak.
& I REFUSE to let you 

               Keep playing games with me.

                   {My heart is not a toy}
“But, my dear, 

    I love you.”


If this was love,

            You wouldn’t be 

            Trying to |k|i|l|l| me.
I’m not the stupid little girl you assume me to be.
I WONT let you keep

         M E S S I N G with my HEAD.
I NO LONGER wanna play 

           Your SICK, twisted,

Baby, I’m done.

              I hate who I’ve become.
“Baby, you’re delusional,

      I haven’t done anything wrong,

                         None of this is me

Everything’s’ gone to hell,

                          & Darling, 

                             It’s all because of 

                                      Y o u.”
                    God! Just let me GO!

                   You have not met my expectations.
Your words-

        They aren’t sincere.

                     & Your love for me

                        Is just as f a k e

                              As the smile glued onto my

                                         Tear drop-tasting lips.
This is me drawing the line,

       This is me breaking f r e e,

  {You don’t own me}
I’m done with us,

            I’m DONE with you.
I’m done with all the words being spoken not being true,

             I no longer have faith in you.
& Next time, baby,

           I wont exchange my expectations,

                                        For a bunch of pretty lies.