Sleep deprived 

You devour my dreams,and create my nightmares.

I’d rather not sleep,

because you haunt me.
No sleep for me tonight,

no dreams for the rest of my life.

If I stay awake I can’t see you,

not until I start to hallucinate.
Tired and weary I fall,

fall into your arms that I know are not there,

and I cry,

cry because I’m afraid.
I’m afraid of your fake love,

afraid that you’ll try to find me.

Afraid you won’t break your promise,

afraid that you might still love me.
And I can’t live this way any longer,

I can’t let you find your way through the maze of my mind.

I can’t let you wander through my dreams,

I can’t let you infect me.
And so, I fall asleep.

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