No space around meStifling walls

Closing off my view

Numbing thoughts

Aching soul

Suffocating dreams
Memory stirs

Pain wells up

Trapping me again

Nowhere to go

But inside myself

Devoid of any aim
Too scared to move

Barriers raised

Hearts freedom restrained


Withdrawing hand

Fear of hurt again
Thick breath and clouds

Within my head

Oppressive atmosphere

Numbing thoughts

Aching soul

Suffocating dream


Always be yourself.
Thats what they say
Who know nothing
About bridges
And how they burn
With one wrong move
Kind of like
Me and you
They say write what you know
All i know is how
The lonliest songs go
And how this wave
Under our bridge
Swallowed me whole
As it burned
And i fell through
Because i’m not as important as you.