“I know”

the music is on and I can feel it booming into my bones, cracking them open.

my brain is pounding and I can see it.

I am breaking and I can hear it.

alive but not functioning, I cannot move.

falling into the floor, falling under.


waves of fear splashing onto the sides of my brain, breathing into each crack. footsteps crawling on me like thoughts, questions fading in but then out when no answer arrives.

I can taste the warm air that comes from his mouth. my lips are cracked but I let him keep kissing me. I can taste his air, his teeth, and his blood. I close my eyes as the cold air slips into my mouth, goes down my spine and into my toes. he rests a hand on my jaw and I break open, smoke from my body filling the room immediately.

“this is bad,” he says.

“I know.”

I know.


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