I don’t love you anymore 

I don’t love you anymore
I would lie if I say
That I still love you the way I always did.
I am sure
That nothing was in vain.
I feel inside of me
That you mean nothing to me…
I could never say
That I’m feeding a huge love.
I feel more and more that
I’m forgetting you.
And I will never use the phrase
I love you.
I’m sorry but I must tell you the truth…

Now read this from the bottom upwards.

One thought on “I don’t love you anymore 

  1. brilliant as always, i wish you could yourself the way I see you, the way i know you. You are so kind, caring, honest about everything. I think you are simply amazing. You are a very important part of my life. I am so lucky, to have you in my life. btw, interesting avatar did you sketch that yourself? you know how I feel about you, take care my friend, you mean a lot to me.


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