Do you care ?

Do you care?

Perhaps you say yes while staring me straight in the eyes….Or perhaps you try to avoid them as good as you can. 

Do you really care? Look around you, you can lie to me, and maybe also to yourself to a certain degree. You’ve got it okay with your family, with the little loan you have in the bank on your house, with your fancy car, and your neighbours….

But do you really care about your fellow human beings when it comes down to it?
About the old lady who comes by the shop every day, and buys the same little bag of sweets? 

Do you care about the fact that she goes home alone and sits down at the window and just stares out of it, living alone with her memories? Do you really care about the Christmases that she spends alone, while her children and grandchildren are too busy opening the presents she gave them instead of thinking about her or inviting her, she’s just sitting alone, without them spending a single minute thinking about her…

What about the young man with scars on both his body and in his soul, scars which he hides in shame, while he’s smiling and laughing, blends in with the others, and pretends he loves life? Do you really care to look a little bit deeper into his eyes which hides a sadness and a darkness so deep?

or..what about the husband who boards a plane, going on a business trip to Thailand? He gets off and checks into a hotel room with a bath tub of porcelain, while later that evening he ventures in through two shabby doors, walks up to a man in a shabby suit, and places some money in the mans hand…do you really care that he then walks into a room where there are 15 children between the ages of 6 and 12 standing, waiting, before he picks out a little boy or girl and takes them further into another dark room…?

Do you really care about that? You with all your things around you, you who have already too much to think about, keeping track of the bills and your own rebellious kids?

What about the people who die in Africa, from hunger , wars, aids, or from some experiment performed by the big medical companies from around the world? Think about it…after all, you never think of them, they are after all just Africans, they aren’t even people…

Think about what you see on the news..Angelina splits with hubby number 3  – you remember that better than the few pictures they sent out on tv after the horror in Syria. Do you even remember the bloating pieces of meat in the water that once held the soul of a human being, who once upon a time had been someones mother, father, lover, sister, brother, husband, wife, daughter, or son? 

The pictures that made you feel sick only for a little while until you got up and said “oh thats so horrible, but what can we do? I’ll go put dinner on, honey” then it was forgotten, just like that…

the children holding machine guns drugged on amfetamines were also forgotten,, the machine guns were sponsored by the big governements around the world, the men who wants more power, more money… the child who was forced to watch his parents being killed.. forgotten by the blink of an eye, when you zapped to another channel to watch episode 7624 of a just another Netflix show.

Do you really care?

Look around you, look at that brand new espresso machine, the new shoes you have.. and be honest, atleast with yourself… 

No you don’t really care, as long as everything looks ok in your house, with your family…as long as you have what you want, and as long as everyone else thinks you’re perfect, you dont really care about anything else…

And the starving people you see on tv, aren’t really humans to you, they’re moving pictures who doesnt exist in your world… 

The children you hear about that are sexually abused by men, perhaps your own husband…you don’t even really care about them, you only think of your own hurt ego, that he could do that to YOU, that he prefers them instead of you..your own hurt and pride…

or what about the young man with the dark eyes? No he’s ok you say, look at him, he’s laughing and smiling, he’s alright..

 Or what about the old lady who spends every christmas alone? No, she’s just a ghost, whom you perhaps feel a little indebted to because she gave birth to you, and you feel that you have to do something in return, like pay a young woman some money to keep her company, cause you are too busy to visit herself, so you see, dont feel guilty then, you do after all buy her some company…
no, you don’t really care, even though you might be convinced that you do..

.You don’t even really care about your own things, after all, you can just buy new ones if they break, and you care even far less about your fellow humans, cause hey, they have their own lives and they don’t really concern you…

Here you might sit, very convinced and indignified, that you do care, how does anyone else dare to say the oposite? You do care, cause after all, you do give atleast 5 pounds to the help-organisations once a year.


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