For what it’s worth…?
I really did think you hung the moon and stars in the sky
I thought you were the sun itself
So bright, so brilliant

Oh yes
You blinded me
And how my world danced
In circles around you
Every beat of my heart
(You slew)
Every waking moment
(You tormented)
All yours
(Look at what you stole)
But you didn’t care
(No, you never did)
And it was never enough

(So just keep on taking…till all that’s left is nothing)
I’m just one of those people

Vanishing like a ghost
Or a dream you can’t recall
I leave no trace of my existence
Easy to ignore

Easy to deny
But you
You’re like a scar
A deep wound that heals on the surface
But HURTS forever within
You cut to the bone
You leave footprints all over me
From steel-toed combat boots
Bloody marks

All across the heart
Marring the soul itself
You taint
You twist

You tore me from limb to limb
No mercy
You, the drug
You, the puppet master
You, the blade
You, the poison
You, the intoxication
You’ve finished me off.


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