Stealing lives 

Sometimes you run into someone
That has a moment or months to spare

So they drag you into their world

Get you involved in their life
Wave their arms
Scream if they have to
To get your attention off your life
And on to theirs.
Sometimes that life is a lie
Their entire existence is a lie;
Your naivety is their joke
They tell their friends
At parties.
You give them chances
Because nobody ever gave you one.
They feed off your hope
They rape your faith
While you sit with nothing.
Hanging on
For dear life

To absolutely nothing.

Maybe people try to warn you;
They beg you to see the truth
But you want to believe
Because you’ve never believed before.
You want it to be real
Because you’ve never had anything
When you finally peel yourself from it
Turn around and look at the monster
That tried so very hard
To steal your life
You regret
And vow to never do that again.